PKN College will provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of the community and help students meet economic, social, and environmental challenges to become active participants in shaping the world of the future.


The College aims at the education of the aspiring and poor student society around, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. It stresses on the wholesome growth of the young boys and girls molulding their character, developing their inherent skill and talents, and making them academically proficient and employable.


  • To Enhance ability to attract the best students and faculty
  • To Create a distinctive technology, entrepreneurial and global focus.
  • To Expand professional graduate programs.
  • To Better engage with external audiences.
  • To implement schemes for women empowerment particularly rural women.
  • To Improve physical and technological infrastructure.
  • To Generate greater financial resources.
  • To incorporate the spirit of excellence in every academic and allied activity so that the quest for excellence is unceasing and sustained.


The P.K.N Arts & Science College, established in the year 1996 was conceived by the P.K.N Vidhyasala Sangam Committee, a philanthropic educational agency in Tirumangalam under the Presidentship of Thiru.R.Vijayarajan Nadar, Thiru.A.Avanamuthu Nadar as Secretary and Thiru.S.Mohandass Nadar as Treasurer.
A College Committee was constituted with Thiru.M.V.M.S.Rajamanikam Nadar as Correspondent, Thiru.K.Kathirvel Nadar M.A., as president and Thiru.K.P.M.N.Dhanraj Nadar as Treasurer. The other members of the committee were Thiru.K.P.M.M.Kasimani Nadar, Thiru. C.Rathnam Nadar, Thiru.R.Vijayarajan Nadar & Thiru. B.Rajendran Nadar. The College started functioning on 16th September 1996 with four cources namely B.B.A., B.Com., B.Sc Mathematics., B.Sc Bio-Chemistry. There were 33 students both boys and girls and 15 faculty members. It was housed in the science block of P.K.N Boys Higher Secondary School.


"AS THE WATER SO THE STEM" is the motto of our college. It means that the standard of learning is largely based on the intensity of efforts taken by the individual.

While the "Book" in the emblem signifies the source of knowledge, the "Lotus" and "Water level" represent the growth and development of knowledge,the why depends on the extent of studious commitment.